The Old English Rune Poem (OERP) is our oldest known source of information directly exploring the meaning of the runes. It is a 10th century English poem comprised of 29 verses which each relate to a different rune from the Old English Futhorc alphabet.

Ths site is my attempt to find meaningful interpretations of the poem for rune users today, based on my a studies of a mix of works by both academics and present day Heathens.

This is not meant to be a definitive work on the poem and its possible meanings. Rather, it is a way for me to pull together the notes from my studies to order my thoughts as they currently stand. I am sharing it here in the hopes that others might also benefit from my work and any possible insights they may gain from it.

Background of the Runes

In addition to my interpretations of each verse of the poem, I think it is useful to give a brief introduction to the runes and the poem itself. This is by no means meant to be an in-depth academic work, but rather a brief overview of key points in order to provide useful context and background of the runes.

You can find our more about the following topics here:

The Runes and My Commentary

The Rune Poem verse for each rune, along with my commentary on the possible meanings we can draw from them, can be found here:

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